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Studio Cha-Ching

All things fun & colorful

Studio Cha-Ching is a 2020 quarantine born, art & design led studio. Each product is personally conceptualized, mindfully designed & handcrafted, making them truly one of a kind.
I started Cha-Ching during the pandemic to put more joy and fun out there, making art more wearable, accessible, usable and visible with a hope to add a 'fun' element to everyday mundane life.

product photos, Mirror animation

Cha-Ching designs are inspired and an outcome of my love & passion for bright colors, fun shapes, designs trends, personal graphic styles, skills and knowledge. 


Brand Identity showcase (Logo, colors, elements, social media creatives) 

Cha-Ching is a one-women brand, thus I try my best to support sustainability by using upcycled /reusable materials for my product packages

I believe in building a community that appreciates and aspires creativity around them. My aim is to uplift and bring change in how art is perceived in India.

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