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WomxnPlus : NFT Collection

Womxn+  is a design orientated collection that recognizes inclusivity, representation and amplifies Allyship in this budding community to uplift all the underrepresented individuals. This is a non generative collection of 222 unique artworks all hand-drawn by me inspired by various individual that has crossed my paths irl & on web3.

This project demanded a lot of research on different religion, ethnic & underrepresented groups to represent diversity ; and development in terms of design - to form art style for the project, showcasing the representation & illustrating relevant attributes for individual artwork.


While X originally in history was purposed to remove its connection with men and avoid perceived sexism to empower women. At WomxnPlus, X and Plus (+) represents all human kinds, including Trans, non-binary, differently abled, BIPOC, non confirming genders and other underrepresented groups and enables to embrace Allyship.

Why the name 'Womxn +' ?

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